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Published: 24th November 2011
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When it comes to choosing the right water purifier for your home, a trusted brand you can always depend on is Zero B water purifiers. Zero B water purifiers provide a range of purifiers to suit varying needs of customers. Some of the sub- brands of purifiers are listed below.
Sapphire water Purifier
The Sapphire water purifier is India’s only water purifier that comes with Hepature Technology. This technology ensures that the water that is dispensed is free from pesticides, lead, harmful toxins and bacteria. Sapphire water purifier comes with a multi-stage pre-filtration system which is easy to clean and it also has a filter bag, superior quality filtration device apart from an activated carbon filter inlet which ensures the water passes through the inlet before it is dispensed. The Sapphire water purifier boasts of a seven stage RO water purification process. This helps it to dispense energised water. Drinking energised water has its own advantages. Energised water helps to cut down acidity and excess bile in the digestive system. It helps in the smooth functioning of the urinary tract and kidneys and helps to heal urinary and kidney disorders. The Sapphire water purifier comes with a tank capacity of 6000 ml that can give 200 glasses of safe, energised and pure water. Sapphire water purifier is also aesthetically pleasing as it does not occupy much space, can be wall mounted and has elegant looks.
Pristine water purifier
Pristine water purifier is the most advanced of all water purification systems. Its water purification system comes with seven stage filtration along with RO. This enhanced filtration process helps to remove all dissolved bacteria, minerals, viruses and other pollutants. This helps to restore the natural taste of water.
The unique purification process of Pristine water purifier hales to convert salt water into crystal clear, pure drinking water with losing its natural taste. It provides energised water which has numerous health advantages like healing swollen and sore eyes and wounds. Drinking energised water is also beneficial for treatment of blood pressure and nervous disorders. Pristine water purifier comes with fully automatic operations. It works on low pressure and has a lower fouling RO membrane. This enhances chances of recovering good water by almost 20-25 % and salt rejection up to 90- 95 %. It also has automatic tank control. This ensures pump is cut-off when the tank fills up avoiding any water misuse. It consumes only 30 watts which is quite energy saving compared to other devices. It if encounters over voltage and over current than mentioned, power supply gets cut-off immediately.
Kitchen mate water purifier
The kitchen mate water purifier is one of kind water purifier that comes with a six stage purification process. This converts salty water to safe and pure drinking water. Kitchen mate water purifier comes with a steel finish body which is specifically designed for designer kitchens. It can be placed above or under the counter or the sink. The Kitchen Mate uses Reverse Osmosis ( RO), which is a globally recognised technology. Under this technology, water under heavy pressure passes through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane comes with a specific molecular weight cut-off and a very small pore size of 0.0001 micron. This way, the impure water is flushed to the drain while the purified water is collected in the tank for use. The RO membrane is such that it destroys almost 90- 95 % Total Dissolved Salts ( TDS) like magnesium, calcium, sodium bi-carbonates. This helps to make the water taste sweet. It also helps in the removal of bacteria, harmful chemicals like fluoride, arsenic, lead and other viruses apart from carcinogenic pesticides, Trihalomethanes and VOCs. This fully automatic water purifier is simple to handle and is ideal for kitchens which have less slab space.
If you are facing the problem of hard water, then the Softenizer is the perfect device for you. The range of Softenizers from Zero B come with a high flow rate of around 500 Lph and also a higher capacity of 2500 Lph. The conventional softenizer has a cumbersome regeneration process. It involves a lot of valve operations. The POU softenizer design has been carved keeping in mind the need for a softenizer that is affordable to purchase and also convenient for domestic usage. The POU softenizer comes with a user friendly design and is specially designed for POU applications like washing machines, geysers and other bathroom appliances. The Zero B softenizer looks sleek and stylish and cleanses every drop of hard water removing any trace of magnesium and calcium.
For those who are not aware of the various benefits of soft water, there are many. With pure soft water, chances of hair loss are reduced and it also helps to combat skin ailments. Soft water also increases the lifespan of various kitchen and bathroom appliances. True to its name, soft water is soft on the utensils and helps them to retain their shine for longer time. It also is soft on fabrics and does not make them lose their natural look and feel.

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